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The Service Daggers of the S.A. and the N.S.K.K. book is nothing but all about quality

336 pages, over 500 colour and b&w photographs.This is the ultimate reference to the SA and the NSKK service daggers that appears today on the collectors’ market, from the most common late RZM dagger to the ultra rare Feldherrnhalle dagger with particular reference to gift and presentation items, and from the tang nut to the technically advanced hanger prototypes that have never gone into production.

Collectors, dealers and auctioneers from almost all over the world have collaborated to compile this unique collection of photographs of most representative daggers as well as exceptionally rare daggers, like SA and NSKK High Leaders’ daggers, Feldherrnhalle daggers and luxurious personalised presentation daggers worn by well known Third Reich personalities.

The book is lavishly illustrated with photo close-ups that assist collectors in identification of ageing characteristics. The phenomenon of internet auctions, replicas, forgeries, and prices are also covered.

This book is here to meet the needs of every Third Reich edged weapons collector, beginner or advanced.

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original, never published before, high-quality pictures of dozens of daggers, rare specimens and unique personalised examples full of great eye candies

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Browse chapter by chapter for the contents of this wonderful book which will not only help you to increase your knowledge on the Third Reich edged weapons but also will be an invaluable asset in your quest for new dagger for your collection. Definitely the best companion for any serious collector.

During the past ten years, ralf Siegert has specialized in the collecting of Blankwaffen and has devoted the past five years to an ardent study of the SA and NSKK daggers. A true expert

Ralf Siegert - Book Author

Ralf Siegert, long-term German collector, dedicated to the Third Reich edged weapons has specialised himself in service daggers of the SA and the NSKK becoming true expert on the subject. His knowledge and experience is backed with his outstanding collection of over 60 SA and NSKK daggers. This book is not a one time project, Ralf has also created a German language website and is currently working on the second volume of his edged weapons compendium covering the subject of the SS daggers.

Herr Siegert lives in Baden-Württemberg, Germany, with his wife and two sons.

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